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Pool construction and pool repair in Tampa.If you notice your pool isn’t circulating water, caulking is cracking or water isn’t heating up – it might be time for some pool repair and pool maintenance. However, repairing a pool can be tricky if you haven’t done it before. Here are a few pool repair tips, and if you’re looking for Pool Repair Tampa, give us a call.

Repairing a Pool Pump

A pool pump acts as the circulation system of your pool. When replacing a pump, it’s advisable to make sure to purchase a replacement part with the same horsepower and flow of the previous item. To find out this information, examine the existing pump; it should have a part number. Then contact the manufacturer to confirm the specific characteristics. You can either order from the manufacture or contact your local pool store. Then, follow the installation instructions carefully if you want to try this pool repair yourself.

Pool Caulking Repairs

When repairing pool caulking, make sure to prep the surface well. Clean the joints well and make sure the surface is rough and dry. Place backer rod foam in the joint and then caulk over the top of the area. Also, when choosing caulking material, make sure it’s suitable for outside use. Using a caulking gun is also helpful for application. If you have a professional do your pool repair, you can expect to pay about $5 per linear foot.

Pool Heating

There are many reasons why a pool won’t reach the desired temperature including:

  • Thermostat set too low
  • Outside temperature is too cold (requires a larger heater)
  • High limit switch needs replacement

Try checking the thermostat first, and if that isn’t the issue, consider replacing the high limit switch. If that fails, either contact a pool professional or consider installing a more powerful swimming pool heater.

Underwater Lights

Another common issue with pools is underwater lighting. Typically, bulbs will burn up to 1,000 hours before having issues. The light fixture rarely needs replacing unless you’re experiencing corrosion from inadequate pH levels.

When replacing the pool light, you’ll need to access the inside “bucket,” where the light is sitting. There are typically a lot of cords attached to the light, making it easy to pull the light onto the deck for replacement. Before changing the light, make sure to hit the breaker to ensure you don’t get shocked. While this is a simple pool repair task, you might want to have the professionals do it since water and electricity can be a dangerous mix.

Getting Professional Help With Pool Repair

When troubleshooting a pool repair issue, consider contacting a professional. If it’s not an easy fix, sometimes it makes more sense to have a pool technician take care of the problem for you.