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Pervious asphalt in Tampa is widely used in areas that are hard to control water build up. Pervious asphalt is much better at draining water thus there is less water build up.

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Pervious Asphalt

Pervious Asphalt Tampa Pervious asphalt is typically recommended for parking areas and low-volume roadways. Additional applications for porous asphalt include pedestrian walkways, sidewalks, driveways, bike lanes, and shoulders. Also, porous asphalt has been used successfully for residential and urban streets, as well as highways. Porous asphalt can be poured as whole or in part with traditional impervious asphalt. […]

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Pervious Concrete

Pervious Concrete Tampa If you live in a warm area, you’re probably thinking of sprucing up your outdoor space, especially your hard-scape. Often, the design of the hard-scape is just as fundamental as the house itself. These spaces can include a deck, a courtyard or an entry sidewalk leading to a series of experiences leading […]

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